Solo performance: Self-ish

As part of the Who? Identity Project, Gray is creating Self-ish, her new solo performance–a show about identity, superheroes, and the virtues of self-centeredness.

On stage (improvisation excerpts):

Self-ish is about Superhero X, who is born without an identity and comes to Earth in search of one. Hoping if she asks others about their identity it will help her find hers, she asks everyone she meets: Who Are You, and How Do You Know? With tones both savvy and innocent. Gray embodies a quirky cast of characters, including a Texan firmware engineer, a misogynistic feminist and Diva Death Herself to explore identity, “self-centeredness” and how we come to know who we are. The show uses a mix of improvisation, audience contribution and off-stage interviews to influence a show that–much like us–changes from night to night.

Follow Superhero X on her on-going adventures around the globe and help her fulfill her mission by answering: Who are you, and how do you know?

And off stage (video series):

In Oakland:


In New York City:



In Santa Fe, NM: